Can you have a language without expression?

Consider that to one person a language can sound completely monotonous and unexpressed while to those speaking their language the person may be expressing any emotion. Because it doesnt fit with the stereotype we recognise does that mean it is wrong? no. We may think that to ask a question our voice will simpler become higher at the end but for some languages this simply isn’t the case.


Language problems

Language is a means of communication for everyone and can also be an expression of culture and feelings. It came to light that in some words and expressions in certain languages there simply is no english equivalent but only when you speak the language do you fully know what it means. Mr Saha asked whether there should be one universal language in which we could all communicate. This would be beneficial in the spread of globalisation etc. Esparanto was an unsuccessful attempt at this by certain individuals but why didnt it take off? The answer to that is simple; language you could say is personal to every individual and to merge many languages into one you’d have to merge many different cultures which is simply impossible. I was thinking how youth seem to come up with an almost different language where sick means great and peak means bad. Now the meanings of these words are completely flipped and many may frown on this slang but it is incredibly interesting to see how new terms are created while others are abandoned. Not only are new words created but the slang continues to change and the slang teenagers use today may seem completely stupid to the next generation of teenagers.
In english we only have one word for love while in other languages you can have as many as twenty what does this say about english? Are we any less cultured- no of course not as we have our own way of differentiating. Furthermore when I went to the mosque I found out that when the Qu’ran was translated into english it is no longer the qu’ran just a mere less powerful interpretation. Many things are lost in translation and many people could translate one poem and end with different emphasises and an angle different to that which was intended. Many have commented that when something is translated it begins to loose meaning. To us in English it sounds absurd when told that escimos had hundreds of words for snow but who are we to really judge?

In the workplace nowadays it is now a disadvantage if you do not know English -Is this really fair? It makes sense but just because the most developed countries speak english why does english prevail while others die out? Mr Saha asked whether I think everyone should be taught a second language and I think defenitely and why not start as young as you can as the younger you start out the easier it is to learn. It would broaden everyone’s culture along with a wider scope of opportunities.

when knowlege comes out of nowhere…

hi sorry all my TOK blogs are extremely behind but hopefully I will do them in roughly the right order. When talking about what is knowledge in TOK I came up with an idea: doesnt the human mind come up with better ideas when doing things absent-mindedly?  I myself often find in TOK I have a complete mind blank but then outside of TOK the ideas of my blog seem to come out of nowhere. Furthermore I was watching an episode of Big Bang Theory and Sheldon explains that many of the scientists came up with their theories while doing something completely unrelated (gravity while under a tree and displacement while in a bath) and for half the episode he devotes himself to doing the more ‘menial’ jobs as he calls it and has a revelation while waiting tables. Now the reason I bring this up is because it leads me to question whether this could be the ludicrously thought of A priori knowledge ‚Äďknowledge before experience? now of course some may say the scientists used their already acquired knowledge to come to conclusions but if definitely got me thinking.

laters ūüėČ

TOK SONG – What a Wonderful World – Louis Armstrong

Hey guys ūüôā

Mr Saha asked us to choose a song which adressed knowledge issues and for quite some time I found it difficult to think of one. What would you count as a knowledge issue. I found myself trying to find specific words in lyrics. but then when I didn’t think about it , during a TOK lesson we were talking about something completely different and it randomly popped into my head -the amazing Louis Armstrong talks of all the things he sees in the world. He concentrates on the the sense of sight.

Its funny how you can struggle over something for ages and then when you stop thinking about it it becomes clearer. This has happened to me on many occasions. When I used to do Physics my teacher used to say just don’t overthink it you’ll confuse yourself once you think you’ve got it move on or you’ll find you don’t get it. Also in Maths when I am doing a really hard problem , and I then stop and start from the beginning sometimes I find myself doing the same mistake. My teacher said¬† completely forget about it and come back to it in a day and see if I can do it again.


I see trees of green…….. red roses too
I see em bloom….. for me and for you
And I think to myself…. what a wonderful world.

I see skies of blue….. clouds of white
Bright blessed days….dark sacred nights
And I think to myself …..what a wonderful world.

The colors of a rainbow… pretty the sky
Are also on the faces…..of people ..going by
I see friends shaking hands…..sayin.. how do you do
They’re really sayin……i love you.

I hear babies cry…… I watch them grow
They’ll learn much more…..than I’ll never know
And I think to myself …..what a wonderful world

(instrumental break)

The colors of a rainbow… pretty the sky
Are there on the faces…..of people ..going by
I see friends shaking hands…..sayin.. how do you do
They’re really sayin…*spoken*(I ….love….you).

I hear babies cry…… I watch them grow
*spoken*(you know their gonna learn
A whole lot more than I’ll never know)
And I think to myself …..what a wonderful world
Yes I think to myself …….what a wonderful world


Which pill would you choose?

Hi again ūüôā

We discussed¬†in tok¬†the nature of reality and whether what we see is true. In a scene in the matrix the true reality of the world is starts to be revealed to ‘Neo’ with implications to a¬†alternative¬†explanation.¬†Morpheous¬†explains to Neo that he will begin to reveal the true reality as the reality Neo has been living in is a lie. Morpheous states that if he takes the blue pill he will¬†“wake up in [his] bed and believe whatever [he] want[s] to believe.” He is told that if he takes the red pill, however, he will “stay in Wonderland” and Morpheus will “show [him] how deep the rabbit hole goes,” an allusion to Alice in Wonderland.
Neo chooses the red pill and is illuminated as to the true nature of the Matrix;

It made me wonder which pill I would choose. It is disturbing to think that we may not be in control of our own lives. If you were told you were in fact living a lie many of us would in fact feel disoriented while only a small margin of us would on the other hand feel intrigued and prefer to live out of ignorance. This feeds into the common idiom that ‘ignorance is bliss.’ This in many cases is true. In¬†a completely different¬†question , if there was a chance¬†you might have tiny margin of the cancer¬†gene¬†, would you want to know? Many of us¬†would say no as we would spend our¬†entire lives¬†fretting; many would adopt the principle of ‘If I get¬†to¬†it or have¬†to,i’ll deal with it then.’ This is very common.¬† It¬†is¬†vaguely the same with knowing¬†the gender of a child, many would¬†prefer¬†a surprise while others would think it absurd not to know. However there have¬†been many cases where a doctor has got the gender wrong¬†and¬†left people ‘scarred.’¬† Is it fair to blame the doctor¬†when it was¬†never stated as 1o0 percent accurate.¬†This was also the case for a misdiagnosis of Downs Syndrome .There was a case when a doctor was sued (wrong gender)…. see link below:
It is difficult to say: many would say in a sort of blasé way that of course they would rather know the truth but the truth is they havent really considered it. What if the true reality was horrible and far worse than what we live in? For example in the matrix their world is a dark , grim grey reality with no sun or beautiful landscape in sight. If I chose to know the truth it would change the way I lived , YES i might want to say i would choose the blue but would I really rather live in their world? Some part of me would want to stay with what I know while another would love to be pulled into the unknow so the truth is I have no real answer to that question. It may depend on the circumstances; if the rest of my family were living in the same simulated reality of the matrix I would probably rather stay with them.


think about it – its not as easy an answer as you think.


Learning from mistakes

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In TOK today….
we talked about the classic story of Adam and Eve and I asked myself why did the ”God” who is supposed to be all forgiving react so strongly when Eve and Adam took an apple from the Tree of Knowledge? Would he rather they didnt obtain the knowledge. Some claim it was a matter of principle and the reaction to disobedience ; I myself am not really sure. Although I didnt have an answer to the question it did make me consider something else:Without knowing what evil is you cannot be good. This in my oppinion is true. This relates to how a child is brought up.

For example (this may sound silly) if a child lived in an environment where their parents greeted eachother by punching eachother in the face , when the child goes to school they may punch someone in the face and say ‘hello.’ Now of course they would get in trouble and they would know it is wrong but until they knew that was wrong they wouldn’t proceed onto what is right (i.e- saying hello or shaking someone’s hand.)This child would know for future reference that that was wrong and every time he comes to say hello to someone, even if he had no idea what the right way was ,he would know that punching someone in the face was defenitely the wrong way.

So lets apply this to everyday life , something i’m sure we have all experienced: especially in the I.B; in school generally or even out of school. When you do a test and the teacher gives you back your result, you see your result and many of us mentally kick ourself at a silly mistake we made; we automatically say to our neighbour ‘i knew that!’ The next time we come to do a test on that particular subject we have that mistake imprinted on our mind and are often sure not to make it again. Take a chemistry test last year, I, by mistake, did a calculation with mass in kg when it was supposed to be grams. The next time a similar question came up I was very pedantic about double checking my answer. The funny thing is although I got that right I made a mistake on something I had previously got right. I’m sure we’ve all been there too. Now making a mistake in our exam may not be evil but you get the idea.
I may have gone off on a tangent but I suppose that is what TOK is really about;you dont realise your rambling until you look down and see you’ve already written 2 paragraphs on one point and ‘400 and something words’ in such a short space of time. So yeah to finish up , you have to make mistakes more to succeed and you retain knowledge more when you previously got it wrong.

bye for know ūüôā

My First Impressions of TOK

Hey Readers;are you as confused as I am???
Before studying it I thought it would be one of those subjects where pupils cram into Riches Lecture Theatre and the teachers drone on at you but (after reading the first chapter) I see now it is very individually oriented and gives you a chance to input your own ideas.Mr Saha made us look at this powerpoint which asked ”what is knowledge?” We came up with a few ideas and it was quite relaxed but I didn’t know how I would take it further and it worried me when we were told if we failed TOK we wouldnt get the IB Diploma. I even heard rumors of some people in the year above who had used lots of technical language and had not done so well (at their mock)-I bet i’ve got lots of grammatical errors in this post already.:(

After a while of silently worrying I actually found myself randomly linking up ideas in my head and wondering if they had anything to do with TOK. I think once I properly grasp the subject it may not be as difficult and turn out to be not only interesting but not as monotonous as I thought it would be… While being taught other subjects, the teachers would sometimes label something as a TOK point and I’d find myself becoming gradually more comfortable with the idea of TOK;it handily seemed to fit into everything!!

Au Revoir for now ūüôā

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