Sense Perception

Hey readers ,
In TOK we were discussing how our senses factor into our lives. The truth is where would we be without our senses : without music, sight , the taste of chocolate and the comforting smell of a homecooked meal?

It got me thinking about how music is used in films to almost tell you how to feel. Without background music moments like Jacks dying scene in Titanic or the kiss in the rain of notebook would be less intense -don’t you think. When I watch additional scenes on my dvd often these scenes are without music and I notice it straight away. I also found that with the wrong music moments that should be more serious can end up comical. If you the sound completely off on your tv and watched it with the subtitles , with that one sense cut off it is a completely different experience and I myself find it much more difficult to ”get into the film” and find I have to concentrate harder on whats going on. Moreover if you were to just listen to the soundtrack without the accompanying film you wouldnt really connect with a storyline and you may only logistically judge what emotion the particular piece was supposed to invoke.

Another thing is many of us can work while listening to music while many of us need complete silence and I noticed that while I strangely cannot simply fall sleep with my curtains open , I can if a dim light is on. My friend however likes to sleep with the curtains. Lastly sometimes while I am trying to work out a simple maths I find whispering to myself seems to help me while my previous roomate found it annoyingly distracting. What makes us so different and why do those simple things seem to affect us incredibly?

Many of us have different learning styles and different ways of using our senses while learning. I found visual aids help me incredibly.

See ya 🙂


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  1. chtok
    Dec 11, 2012 @ 09:01:11

    Interesting personal reflections here. Yes, we are all different- the question is whether we can even know when what we experience is the same. I wonder how universal the feelings music invokes are, for example?


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