when knowlege comes out of nowhere…

hi sorry all my TOK blogs are extremely behind but hopefully I will do them in roughly the right order. When talking about what is knowledge in TOK I came up with an idea: doesnt the human mind come up with better ideas when doing things absent-mindedly?  I myself often find in TOK I have a complete mind blank but then outside of TOK the ideas of my blog seem to come out of nowhere. Furthermore I was watching an episode of Big Bang Theory and Sheldon explains that many of the scientists came up with their theories while doing something completely unrelated (gravity while under a tree and displacement while in a bath) and for half the episode he devotes himself to doing the more ‘menial’ jobs as he calls it and has a revelation while waiting tables. Now the reason I bring this up is because it leads me to question whether this could be the ludicrously thought of A priori knowledge –knowledge before experience? now of course some may say the scientists used their already acquired knowledge to come to conclusions but if definitely got me thinking.

laters 😉


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  1. chtok
    Dec 10, 2012 @ 20:47:34

    A really interesting post, Chanel. What you say here echoes a lot of what Professor Claxton was talking about in his lecture. Also, I thought that you might possibly be interested in reading my own post about Uncertainty, Keats, and Negative Capability, which touches on some of the same ideas you deal with:


    Your point about what is called ‘educated intuition’ at the end is also very pertinent. I am not sure that it would be possible for scientists, for example, to be ‘inspired’ without it.

    Finally, it is an interesting and original idea that we might gain access to a priori knowledge through inspiration. I am not sure really what to say in response to this.

    Keep the posts coming!


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