Do animals talk?

Hello again
Mr Saha asked us whether animals have their own language or dialect and in my oppinion they do as is a language not simply a means of communication? It could be said that this is simply body language. Are animals thinking about what they are saying? It is proved that whales can communicate from huge distances and a werewolf will make a different noise when it is calling its pack to when it is ”speaking” to its cubs. I can only answer the above question with another question in itself-just because we cannot understand something to be a language does that mean it isn’t one?

One funny scenario I found was a pair of twins on youtube who to us seem to be speaking complete gibberish but between themselves they are laughing, joking and reacting as if they are in their own conversation. To add to the humor many have created their subtitles to interpret the twins and the truth is we can only wonder what they are on about….:) 🙂

See the video below if you haven’t already…



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  1. chtok
    Dec 10, 2012 @ 20:33:28

    Yes, a very cute and possibly instructive video, Chanel.

    As regards animal language, though, your argument is premised on the idea of language being communication- in which case I think that it would be difficult to say that animals didn’t ‘speak’.

    However, verbal language is not just about communication but something which is intended, rule-governed, and creative and open-ended. If we use this as a starting point instead, I think that it becomes more difficult to attribute animal ‘language’ as just another kind of language which we might not understand (like Arabic). Also, whilst you are right that just because we cannot understand something to be a language, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t, but it doesn’t mean that it is either.

    Have a look at this article and trailer and tell me what you think:


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