Which pill would you choose?

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We discussed in tok the nature of reality and whether what we see is true. In a scene in the matrix the true reality of the world is starts to be revealed to ‘Neo’ with implications to a alternative explanation. Morpheous explains to Neo that he will begin to reveal the true reality as the reality Neo has been living in is a lie. Morpheous states that if he takes the blue pill he will “wake up in [his] bed and believe whatever [he] want[s] to believe.” He is told that if he takes the red pill, however, he will “stay in Wonderland” and Morpheus will “show [him] how deep the rabbit hole goes,” an allusion to Alice in Wonderland.
Neo chooses the red pill and is illuminated as to the true nature of the Matrix;

It made me wonder which pill I would choose. It is disturbing to think that we may not be in control of our own lives. If you were told you were in fact living a lie many of us would in fact feel disoriented while only a small margin of us would on the other hand feel intrigued and prefer to live out of ignorance. This feeds into the common idiom that ‘ignorance is bliss.’ This in many cases is true. In a completely different question , if there was a chance you might have tiny margin of the cancer gene , would you want to know? Many of us would say no as we would spend our entire lives fretting; many would adopt the principle of ‘If I get to it or have to,i’ll deal with it then.’ This is very common.  It is vaguely the same with knowing the gender of a child, many would prefer a surprise while others would think it absurd not to know. However there have been many cases where a doctor has got the gender wrong and left people ‘scarred.’  Is it fair to blame the doctor when it was never stated as 1o0 percent accurate. This was also the case for a misdiagnosis of Downs Syndrome .There was a case when a doctor was sued (wrong gender)…. see link below:

It is difficult to say: many would say in a sort of blasé way that of course they would rather know the truth but the truth is they havent really considered it. What if the true reality was horrible and far worse than what we live in? For example in the matrix their world is a dark , grim grey reality with no sun or beautiful landscape in sight. If I chose to know the truth it would change the way I lived , YES i might want to say i would choose the blue but would I really rather live in their world? Some part of me would want to stay with what I know while another would love to be pulled into the unknow so the truth is I have no real answer to that question. It may depend on the circumstances; if the rest of my family were living in the same simulated reality of the matrix I would probably rather stay with them.


think about it – its not as easy an answer as you think.



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  1. chtok
    Oct 14, 2012 @ 16:03:45

    An honest post, Chanel. You are right to question whether you would really want to take the red pill. The poet T S Eliot once said, ‘humankind cannot bear too much reality.’ I would like to think that by studying TOK you are at least leaving open the option that you would take the red pill after all.


  2. tokdeschanel
    Oct 16, 2012 @ 10:16:37

    Yes of course the option is there , I was just analysing the consequences of my choice.


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